“Imagine It Forward” – A book by Beth Comstock


  • Insights from Beth Comstock’s extensive experience as a leader at General Electric
  • Practical strategies for fostering innovation and driving transformation in business and life
  • Emphasis on the importance of creativity, curiosity, and collaboration in navigating change
  • Engaging anecdotes and thought-provoking lessons to inspire readers to embrace uncertainty
  • Relevant for executives, entrepreneurs, and individuals seeking to thrive in a rapidly evolving world
  • Non-Fiction, Hardcover
  • Pre-owned book (good condition)
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  • ISBN: 9780753545713


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“Imagine It Forward” by Beth Comstock is a compelling exploration of innovation and leadership in the face of change. Drawing on her extensive experience as a former vice chair of General Electric and as a pioneer in corporate innovation, Comstock shares valuable insights and practical strategies for embracing uncertainty and driving meaningful transformation in both business and life. Through engaging anecdotes and thought-provoking lessons, Comstock demonstrates the importance of fostering a culture of creativity, curiosity, and collaboration to thrive in today’s rapidly evolving world. Whether you’re a seasoned executive, aspiring entrepreneur, or simply someone seeking inspiration to navigate change, “Imagine It Forward” offers invaluable wisdom and guidance for embracing the unknown and unlocking your full potential.

About the Author:

Beth Comstock is a renowned business leader, author, and innovator known for her trailblazing work in driving change and transformation within large organizations. With over three decades of experience in various leadership roles, including as the vice chair of General Electric, Comstock has earned acclaim for her visionary approach to business and innovation. Through her writing and speaking engagements, Comstock inspires individuals and organizations to embrace creativity, take risks, and challenge the status quo. “Imagine It Forward” is a testament to Comstock’s expertise and passion for empowering others to embrace change and harness the power of imagination to shape a better future.

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